Biography of Honorable Chancellor of Trust University, Barishal

His highness, Honorable President of People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Mr. Mohammad Shahabuddin is our Honorable Chancellor of Trust University Barishal….

Mr. Mohammed Shahabuddin

Hon’ble President of People’s Republic of Bangladesh
Hon’ble Chancellor, Trust University, Barishal


Trust University, Barishal provides high-quality education, equipping scholars with the wit to address both national and international challenges. Within the short span of its establishment, this university has achieved tremendous success and continues to forge its future with new program enterprises, an ultramodern classroom, exploration trials, pupil engagement, professional training, faculty development, transnational collaborations, and progress towards a state of structure. Making transformative impact on scholars, faculty, assiduity and society is the end of these programs.

As Vice Chancellor, I am deeply committed to attracting a body of faculty and scholars devoted to academic excellence, pedagogical complexity, top-notch exploration, and service to society. In our charge to contribute to public development, Trust University, Barishal stands out as an altitudinous center of excellence that is suitable to develop confident leaders, independent thinkers, and creative entrepreneurs. We also concentrate on the professional development of our scholars in order to equip them with the knowledge and chops necessary to play a commanding role in different sectors of the economy and politics. The university’s programs for faculty development ensure a dynamic and futuristic terrain for tutoring and exploration. In our internationalization efforts, we are expanding our global network of partner institutions that gauge leading universities in the global context. We have also begun working to develop innovative programs that enhance the knowledge of those who dream of developing the country. With our numerous astral achievements, we are very proud of our leadership role in advancing education in Bangladesh.

Professor Dr. Md. Shahidul Islam

Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor

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