CGPA Result, MBA Program, Summer 2022

          This is for the information of all concerned that the final CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) result of the students of 1st batch Master of Business Administration program, Exam session: Summer 2022 who appeared at the examination held in January 2023 is published provisionally subject to the approval of academic council and Syndicate of the university.

The university reserves the right to cancel, correct or amend the result if necessary.

Student Id Name of the Students Completed Credits         CGPA
0952110004083004 Kamal Das       60           3.28
0952110004083005 Md. Adnan Hussain       60           3.19
0952110004083012 Md. Sajjad Hosen       60           2.88
0952110004083020 Md. Kamal Hossain       60            3.10

Controller of Examinations

Trust University, Barishal