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Master of Business Administration - Trust University

Master of Business Administration

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Trust University has started a steady journey of reaching a new height of excellence in research and to achieve a unique milestone in promoting new ideas and innovation, and in serving the nation and the global community by creating enlightened and skilled professionals who can meet the challenges of the 21st century fostering the motto of ‘being the employer, not the employee’. In keeping with this purpose, TU has already been declared a research university that aims at generating and advancing knowledge by cutting-edge research in its state-of-the-art laboratories and in the congenial academic ambience. Apart from these, TU has international and local collaboration with a wide range of reputed academia and industry.


Program Name:  Master of Business Administration

Awarded Degree :

Full Name: Master of Business Administration

Abbreviation: MBA

Total Credit Hours: 60 credit hours

Length of the Program

Participants are expected to complete the MBA degree in two years. However, students enjoying waivers and credit transfer may be able to complete the degree earlier. Students with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree may be allowed maximum 30 credits waivers from compulsory courses subject to securing grade B+ or above in the respective course(s) at BBA level and complete minimum in one year. The minimum course load for Regular MBA student is 12 credit hours in a semester and in Executive stem it is 9 credits.

Philosophy and Objectives of the Program

Philosophy: The Trust University (TU) offers Master of Business Administration (MBA) to individual students and professionals desiring to upgrade their knowledge and competency in business management and senior administration. The MBA program has been designed to meet the demands of the national, multinational and also international organizations, and future challenges of business education. It will enable local students to acquire international level quality education and exposure. The courses will be taught and supervised by the full time faculty members of the TU, adjunct faculties from renowned universities, supported by selected professionals from business and industries and visiting faculty members from link institutions abroad.


The objectives of the MBA program are to:

  1. Equip promising young students (potential future executives) and working professionals with updated knowledge and skills of business
  2. Enhance the abilities of critical thinking, identifying business opportunities and resolving managerial
  3. Improve learners core competencies, so that, they can contribute progressively towards increased productivity and accomplish organizational goals in an increasingly competitive global


List of Compulsory Interdisciplinary Courses (3 x 14 = 42 Credits)

Sl. No. Course Code Tile of the Course Credits
01. MBA 511 Financial Accounting 3
02. MBA 512 Management and Organizational Behavior 3
03. MBA 513 Managerial Economics 3
04. MBA 514 Business Communication 3
05. MBA 515 Computer Applications in Business 3
06. MBA 521 Marketing Management 3
07. MBA 522 Financial Management 3
08. MBA 523 Business Statistics 3
09. MBA 524 Business Law 3
10. MBA 525 Management Information System 3
11. MBA 611 International Business Management 3
12. MBA 612 Human Resource Management 3
13. MBA 613 Business Research Methodology 3
14. MBA 614 Strategic Management 3


Area of Specialization / Elective Courses (3x 4 = 12 Credits)

(Minimum six students are required for particular specialization. The authority will also judge the teachers availability and suitability of the concentration before offering it to the students.)

Finance and Banking

FNB 621 Financial Market and Institutions FNB 622 Managerial Finance

FNB 623  Financial Analyses and Control FNB 624 International Financial and Banking FNB 625 Bank Fund Management

FNB 626 Working Capital Management

FNB 627 Investment analysis and Portfolio Management FNB 628 Capital Budgeting


MKT 621       Consumer Behavior

MKT 622       Advertising and Promotion Management MKT 623                         International Marketing

MKT 624       Services Marketing MKT 625     Brand Management

MKT 626       Export-import Management MKT 627    Sales Management

MKT 628       Marketing Research


Human Resources Management HRM 621    Career Management HRM 622       Industrial Relations HRM 623                  Managerial Negotiation

HRM 624      Leadership, Power and Influence HRM 625                         Ethics and Values in Management HRM 626                         Manpower Planning and Policy HRM 627                         Training and Development

HRM 628      Strategic Human Resource Management



ACN 621       Accounting Theory

ACN 622       Accounting Information Systems ACN 623                         Cost Accounting

ACN 624       Auditing and Assurance ACN 625                         Taxation Practices

ACN 626       Accounting for Government and Non-profit Organizations ACN  627                         International Accounting

ACN  628      Corporate Financial Reporting


Semester-wise distribution of Courses:

Year Semester Course Code Course Title Credits
1st 1st Semester MBA 511 Financial Accounting 3
MBA 512 Management and Organizational Behavior 3
MBA 513 Business Mathematics 3
MBA 514 Business Communication 3
MBA 515 Managerial Economics 3
2nd Semester MBA 521 Marketing Management 3
MBA 522 Financial Management 3
MBA 523 Business Statistics 3
MBA 524 Business Law 3
MBA 525 Computer Applications in Business 3
2nd 3rd Semester MBA 611 International Business Management 3
MBA 612 Human Resource Management 3
MBA 613 Business Research Methodology 3
MBA 614 Strategic Management 3
  Elective-I 3
4th Semester   Elective-II 3
  Elective-III 3
  Elective-IV 3
  Internship / Project Works 6
      Total 60


Internship / Research Report (6 Credit hours)

Students require to do an internship (6 Credit hours) for a One semester duration and submit a report for the requirement of the degree. Students with job experience and enjoying waiver as part of Executive MBA program requires to submit a research reports, area and title mutual selected by the student and the director of the program and submit within a semester prior to the completion of the course works. Student may allow doing the research work during the last semester and would allow submitting within 2 months after the completion of the course works.

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