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‘I slept and dreamt that life was a fantasy; I woke and found that life is a reality.’ (adopted)

Dear students, I feel privileged to say a few words about the Department English of Trust University. As a part of transforming itself as a unique department, it will definitely never cease to impart quality education by offering courses incorporating language, linguistics and literature at both the undergraduate and post graduate levels. It offers various inter-disciplinary courseslike Communicative English, Business English, Professional English, Intensive English, Writing English, Reading English, listening English etc. matching with international standards. Inter-disciplinary courses like Introduction to Computer Literacy, Introduction Bengali Literature, Introduction to Rhetoric and Prosody, English in Translation are also offered to maximize the competence of our students. International standard academic tools, carefully designed curriculum, technology based teaching methodologies coupled with utmost care and attention to the students’ growing academic needs have helped and will help the department to consistently grow up foreshadowing all others involved in pursuit of education and knowledge in this part of Bangladesh. Department of English boasts of state of the art infrastructure, well equipped and spacious library, a hi-tech language lab and the co-curricular and extracurricular programs offered for overall mental and physical growth of our young learners. The department has a unique syllabus in its possession offering courses ranging from history and theories of  language, from Old English literature to Modern, post-modern English from American, Latin American, African to Asian Literature. The department plans to start professional coaching in IELTS in association with British Council too in near future. Thus the Department of English is committed to maintain consistently high academic standards upholding the reputation and premium goodwill. Alumni from this ‘Alma mater’ routinely will get the best possible offers of placement in the world of academia, corporate sector and other professional fields. No wonder, many of our proud alumni are doing and will be extremely well in their careers and are very well placed.Apart from offering the most sought after, coveted and reputed degree of M.A. English in a four semester program, the demand for which is very high, honing the writing and speaking skills of the students so as to build their self-confidence and prepare them to meet the challenges ahead.

G.M. Abu Taher

B.A (Hons.) in ELL, PGD Linguistics, M.A (ELT),

PhD( Fellow), ELT, Aligarh Muslim University

Department of English
Trust University, Barishal.
Mobile: 01736491343

Mission and Vision

Mission and vision of the Department of English of Trust University Barisal is to promote Bangladeshi young learners as skilled manpower to overcome the 21st century challenges prevailing in the socio-economic condition across the globe specially by using foreign and international languages like English. The department will work constantly to create an opportunity to use English language as a tool in promoting the learners’ socio-cultural life. The department will provide the students with an environment so that they feel encouraged to make a habit of using English in their everyday, academic as well as in their professional life. The primary goal of the department is to disperse the phobia that Bangladeshi learners nurture deep at their heart against English. Though English is a foreign language in our country learning English is of a massive importance. Ignoring English, an international language, we cannot go much ahead. Therefore, keeping all these factors in mind the Department of English of Trust University Barisalhas designed a unique syllabus/curriculum in combination of language, literature and linguistics. The mission of English department is to develop learners’ overall competence in English in all branches. The learners not only will achieve competence in English grammatical but also will master four skills-reading, writing, listening and speaking in English with equal propensity. The ultimate goal of the department is to groom our learners with necessary equipment so that they may have a good command in English and prepare them as global citizens. The initiative will pave the way to conquer the world breaking the barrier of language and culture. Its ultimate mission and vision is to produce enlightened individuals and to build up a knowledge based society for the next generation. I cordially invite you to visit the website to explore more and learn more about the university and its activities.

Philosophy and Objectives

Philosophy: The University has been established to respond to the needs of the society for sustainable socio- economic development. In recent times there has been a growing demand for quality English teachers and professionals with adequate knowledge of English. But it had been found that although employers put great emphasis on English language competency in their employees, this continues to remain a weak area. Consequently, graduates who aim to be teachers of English or professionals need to upgrade their knowledge of English language and literature and be competent enough to use English as a Second Language (ESL) and as a Foreign Language (EFL). We, in the TU, believe that both language and literature should be equally emphasized in this program so that each can reinforce the other in the acquisition of knowledge and skills in English for teaching, business and other purposes.


  1. Students will be able to improve and refine their abilities to listen, speak, read, write and make presentations with ease and
  2. They will be equipped with knowledge of the theoretical aspects of ESL/EFL teaching and practical/communicative techniques that a teacher can utilize in his/her class- room teaching contexts for positive
  3. They will be able to sharpen their analytic ability to review, appreciate, critique and select literary and language texts for teaching and other
  4. They will be able to demonstrate practical skills in the use of English as teachers and as expert

Master of Arts in English

Program Name: Master of Arts in English (Abbreviation MA in English)

Admission: Student will be admitted to the department as per Trust University rules

Duration of the Program: 2 Years

Total Number of Credits (Minimum): 54 Credits

Students who have completed BA (Honors) in English may be awarded the degree after completion of 30 credits in 1 year.

Admission Requirements

A student wishing to enrol for the MA in English (2 years) program should have a Bachelor’s or an equivalent degree and should be able to demonstrate minimum required proficiency in English.

Students who have completed Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in English shall be enrolled and register for the advanced courses to complete the MA in English program.

Admission Criteria

Applicants will be required to sit for an admission test designed to judge their abilities and aptitude for the MA in English program.

Frequency of Admission

Admission at the MBA Program will be held 2(two) times/semesters in a year. The Semester in an academic year will be as follows:

  • Spring: January – June
  • Fall: July – December 

The MA in English Degree Requirements

The MA in English degree requirements are as follows:

  • Completion of 16 courses (48 credit hours) and a research project of 6 credits; a total of 54 credit
  • Students enrolled with BA (Honors) in English require completing 8 advanced courses (600 level courses) and a research project of 6 credits making a total of 30 credit
  • Passing of all courses individually and maintaining a minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 0.
  • The minimum passing grade for internship report is ‘C’.

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