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By: A. Josh, M.B. B.A.O., M.B.B.Ch., Ph.D.

Medical Instructor, State University of New York Downstate Medical Center College of Medicine

And making this information available to patients leads to one of the most powerful forces driving improvement-educated health-care consumers medicine 3x a day 100mg aceclofenac free shipping. We are able to do this project in part because of a generous grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation related to a unique program called Aligning Forces for Quality medications while pregnant purchase genuine aceclofenac line. Director medicine 751 m generic 100mg aceclofenac free shipping, Consumer Reports Health Ratings Center Please note: We apologize that in an earlier version of these Ratings medicine 627 generic 100mg aceclofenac with visa, two practices were inadvertently omitted. Those groups, Steward Medical Group - Waltham (page 12) and Harvard Vanguard Cambridge (page 21) are now included. We rate adult, family, and pediatric physician groups in the Bay State L p h toto; b l e n d i m ag e s/a r i e l s k e l l e y/ g e tt y i m ag e s ooking for reliable information about physicians? The top-doctor lists found in magazines or on websites, for example, tend to be based on reputation or anecdotal reports, not hard data. And while advice from family and friends can be helpful, it is hardly comprehensive or scientific. Using a comprehensive scientific survey, they recently asked 47,565 adults and an additional 16,530 parents of children, all of whom had health insurance, about their experiences with their doctors. The findings provide important information about how well physicians communicate with their patients, coordinate medical care, know their patients, and whether patients would recommend their doctor to family and friends. The survey also asks patients about their experiences with the rest of the office staff, such as nurses, receptionists, and the people who handle billing and insurance questions. Of course, medical care is complex, and patient experience is only one measure of quality. On page 4 we give some highlights from the survey, and use questions from it to help you assess your relation- july 201 2 co n su me r r e p o rts /mh q p h e alth insert 3 massachusetts doctor ratings ship with your doctor and how to improve it if necessary. Many practices have used the results to improve how they interact with patients (see "How Practices Can Improve," on the facing page). The ideal is shared decision-making: cooperation between an informed patient and the doctor. None of the seven regions in the state (see the map on page 9) scored better or worse overall than any other region. Most practices in the state earn one of the top two ratings across multiple measures in the survey. Only 13 of the 329 adult practices earned the highest score in all five Ratings categories. Benjamin and Spingarn, in Newton-got top marks across all five patient-experience categories. Clear and honest communication with your doctor and other health-care providers can help keep you healthy and, if you get sick, recover faster, too. Research suggests that patients who take an active role in the Never almost never Sometimes Usually almost always always Percent who said Always: 83 percent What to do: Ask your doctors to repeat excellence across the board High-quality care can thrive just about anywhere, our Ratings show. Thirteen adult primary-care practices all over Massachusetts, serving a variety of communities in a variety of hospitals, earned our highest rating in every category. Practices range from small independent practices in rural areas, like adams Internists in the Berkshires, to large group practices in urban areas, such as Chestnut Medical associates in Springfield, Massachusetts general Hospital Internal Medicine associates Team 2 in Boston, and Millview Medical associates in Fall River. Southcoast, a regional network, has three top-scoring practices: Borden Medical and Fall River Family Practice, both in Fall River, as well as Primary Care Mattapoisett. For example, Personal Physicians Health Care in Chestnut Hill is a "concierge" provider, catering to patients who are willing and able to pay extra for greater access to care, while others serve economically diverse populations, particularly those located in cities like Boston, Fall River, Northampton, and Springfield. While many of the bigger urban practices are allied with academic teaching hospitals, others- including Berkshire Medical Center in Pittsfield, Merrimack Family Medicine in Tewksbury, Primary Care of Wellesley, and elm Street adult Medicine in Northampton-admit to smaller community ones. But for a practice to earn top marks across the board, all of the doctors have to perform well. It shows that the doctors can work together and that the staff knows its patients, she says. If you would like your doctor to make more eye contact, or sit when he or she talks with you, say so. How often did your doctor seem informed and up-to-date about the care you received from specialists? Never almost never Sometimes Usually almost always always What to do: Make sure your doctor knows about the care you get from other providers, including other physicians as well as acupuncturists, chiropractors, herbalists, and other alternative health-care practitioners.

Principle: Hydroxyl ions present in a sample as a result of dissociation or hydrolysis of solutes react with additions of standard acid medications john frew generic 100 mg aceclofenac visa. For methods of determining inflection points from titration curves and the rationale for titrating to fixed pH end points medicine 773 buy aceclofenac 100 mg online, see Section 2310B medications excessive sweating trusted 100 mg aceclofenac. Because this change in pH corresponds to an exact doubling of the hydrogen ion concentration treatment hiccups discount aceclofenac 100 mg fast delivery, a simple extrapolation can be made to the equivalence point. Phenolphthalein or metacresol purple may be used for alkalinity titration to pH 8. Bromcresol green or a mixed bromcresol green-methyl red indicator may be used for pH 4. Interferences: Soaps, oily matter, suspended solids, or precipitates may coat the glass electrode and cause a sluggish response. Allow additional time between titrant additions to let electrode come to equilibrium or clean the electrodes occasionally. Selection of procedure: Determine sample alkalinity from volume of standard acid required to titrate a portion to a designated pH taken from ¶ 1b. Titrate at room temperature with a properly calibrated pH meter or electrically operated titrator, or use color indicators. Lift out electrodes, rinse into the same beaker, and boil gently for 3 to 5 min under a watch glass cover. Cool to room temperature, rinse cover glass into beaker, and finish titrating to the pH inflection point. Standardize by potentiometric titration of © Copyright 1999 by American Public Health Association, American Water Works Association, Water Environment Federation Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater 15. Mixed bromcresol green-methyl red indicator solution:3 Use either the aqueous or the alcoholic solution: 1) Dissolve 100 mg bromcresol green sodium salt and 20 mg methyl red sodium salt in 100 mL distilled water. Potentiometric titration curve: Follow the procedure for determining acidity (Section 2310B. Potentiometric titration to preselected pH: Determine the appropriate end-point pH according to ¶ 1b. Titrate to the end-point pH without recording intermediate pH values and without undue delay. As the end point is approached make smaller additions of acid and be sure that pH equilibrium is reached before adding more titrant. Potentiometric titration of low alkalinity: For alkalinities less than 20 mg/L titrate 100 to 200 mL according to the procedure of ¶ 4c, above, using a 10-mL microburet and 0. Calculation of alkalinity relationships: the results obtained from the phenolphthalein and total alkalinity determinations offer a means for stoichiometric classification of the three principal forms of alkalinity present in many waters. The classification ascribes the entire alkalinity to bicarbonate, carbonate, and hydroxide, and assumes the absence of other (weak) inorganic or organic acids, such as silicic, phosphoric, and boric acids. It further presupposes the incompatibility of hydroxide and bicarbonate alkalinities. Because the calculations are made on a stoichiometric basis, ion concentrations in the strictest sense are not represented in the results, which may differ significantly from actual concentrations especially at pH > 10. These relationships may be calculated by the following scheme, where P is phenolphthalein alkalinity and this total alkalinity (¶ 1b): Select the smaller value of P or (T -P). The precision of the titration is likely to be much greater than the uncertainties involved in sampling and sample handling before the analysis. The standard deviation was 5 mg/L and the average bias (lower than the true value) was 9 mg/L. The pooled standard deviation was 40 mg/L, with negligible difference between the procedures. A proposed modification to the classical method of calculating alkalinity in natural waters. In Techniques of Water-Resources Investigation of the United States Geological Survey. Saturation represents the dividing line between ``precipitation likely' and ``precipitation not likely. Minimum requirements are total alkalinity (2320), total calcium (3500-Ca), pH (4500-H+), and temperature (2550). The ionic strength also must be calculated or estimated from conductivity (2510) or total dissolved solids (2540C) measurements.

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During titration the color changes from red through purple to bluish purple to a pure blue with no trace of reddish or purple tint treatment with cold medical term effective 100mg aceclofenac. Pretreatment of water and wastewater samples: Follow the procedure described in Section 3030E or I if samples require preliminary digestion treatment with chemicals or drugs buy aceclofenac uk. Sample preparation: Because of the high pH used in this procedure medicine holder order online aceclofenac, titrate immediately after adding alkali and indicator medications 2 times a day purchase aceclofenac 100mg mastercard. When using murexide, check end point by adding 1 to 2 drops of titrant in excess to make certain that no further color change occurs. Indicator for titration of calcium in the presence of magnesium using disodium dihydrogen ethylenediamine tetraacetate. New indicator for complexometric titration of calcium in the presence of magnesium. Method for simultaneous determination of calcium and © Copyright 1999 by American Public Health Association, American Water Works Association, Water Environment Federation Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater magnesium. The inductively coupled plasma/mass spectrometric method (Section 3125) also may be applied successfully in most cases (with lower detection limits), even though cesium is not specifically listed as an analyte in the method. Cr3+ would be expected to form strong complexes with amines, and would be adsorbed by clay minerals. Chromium may exist in water supplies in both the hexavalent and the trivalent state although the trivalent form rarely occurs in potable water. Chromium is considered nonessential for plants, but an essential trace element for animals. Hexavalent compounds have been shown to be carcinogenic by inhalation and are corrosive to tissue. The chromium guidelines for natural water are linked to the hardness or alkalinity of the water. The United Nations © Copyright 1999 by American Public Health Association, American Water Works Association, Water Environment Federation Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater Food and Agriculture Organization recommended maximum level for irrigation waters is 100 µg/L. Selection of Method the colorimetric method (B) is useful for the determination of hexavalent chromium in a natural or treated water in the range from 100 to 1000 µg/L. This range can be extended by appropriate sample dilution or concentration and/or use of longer cell paths. The ion chromatographic method with photometric detection (C) is suitable for determining dissolved hexavalent chromium in drinking water, groundwater, and industrial wastewater effluents. The electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometric method (Section 3113B) is suitable for determining low levels of total chromium (< 50 µg/L) in water and wastewater, and the flame atomic absorption spectrometric methods (Section 3111B and Section 3111C) and the inductively coupled plasma methods (Section 3120 and Section 3125) are appropriate for measuring concentrations up to milligram-per-liter levels. Sample Handling If only the dissolved metal content is desired, filter sample through a 0. If only dissolved hexavalent chromium is desired, adjust pH of filtrate to 8 or above with 1N sodium hydroxide solution and refrigerate. If total hexavalent chromium is desired, adjust the pH of unfiltered sample to 8 or above with 1N sodium hydroxide and refrigerate. Therefore, to determine total chromium convert all the chromium to the hexavalent state by oxidation with potassium permanganate. The hexavalent chromium is determined colorimetrically by reaction with diphenylcarbazide in acid solution. The reaction is very sensitive, the molar absorptivity based on chromium being about 40 000 L g­1 cm­1 at 540 nm. To determine total chromium, digest the sample with a sulfuric-nitric acid mixture and then oxidize with potassium permanganate before reacting with the diphenylcarbazide. Interferences: the reaction with diphenylcarbazide is nearly specific for chromium. Hexavalent molybdenum and mercury salts will react to form color with the reagent but the © Copyright 1999 by American Public Health Association, American Water Works Association, Water Environment Federation Colorimetric Method Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater intensities are much lower than that for chromium at the specified pH. Vanadium interferes strongly but concentrations up to 10 times that of chromium will not cause trouble. Potential interference from permanganate is eliminated by prior reduction with azide. Iron in concentrations greater than 1 mg/L may produce a yellow color but the ferric ion (Fe3+) color is not strong and no difficulty is encountered normally if the absorbance is measured photometrically at the appropriate wavelength. Therefore, follow the extraction by additional treatment with acid fuming to decompose these compounds.

Be prepared to manage the expectations of the public relative to scarce resources (what is the shortage symptoms 2 days after ovulation order generic aceclofenac, what is being done symptoms quivering lips buy 100mg aceclofenac fast delivery, who are the priority groups symptoms bronchitis aceclofenac 100 mg with mastercard, etc 714x treatment order aceclofenac on line amex. Page 4 of 11 Completed In Progress Not Started Coordination Regulatory Activities 3. Modify staff responsibilities and shifts as required (supervisory staff work clinically, suspend most education and other administrative burdens, determine where less-trained staff can safely provide support and the extent of family member support). Develop staff monitoring for those exposed to high levels of cumulative stress or specific severe stressors (death of co-worker, etc. Completed In Progress Not Started Outpatient Services/Community Health Centers/Free Standing Health Facilities Activities 3. Determine if outpatient locations and services should remain open if the threat is too great to staff and patients. The practice should have days to weeks to pre-emptively manage its workload in anticipation of limited elective services during the outbreak period. These materials should also encourage patients to have at least a 30 day supply of usual medications on hand. These materials should encourage patients to have at least a 30 day supply of usual medications on hand. This should involve nursing, medical direction, administrative representatives, and include consideration of telemedicine. Determine if visitation should be restricted or stopped if threat is too high for patients and staff. Page 10 of 11 Completed In Progress Not Started Alternate Care Site/System Activities 3. The protocols have been developed after an extensive review of the most recent American Heart Association Guidelines, other regional protocols, relevant medical research, and input from individual field providers. The following evidence based treatment guidelines are designed to serve as the minimum expected standard of care required for improved patient outcomes while decreasing any potential risk to the patient and maximizing the interventions appropriate for each level of care. We hope that these protocols make your job easier, and assist you in the care of your patients. Defibrillate a t 2 0 0 j b i p h a s i c, subsequent doses should be equivalent and higher doses should be considered. Primary treatment is preferred, Secondary treatment is indicated in case of hypersensitivity, allergy or drug shortage. Cardioversion should be administered at increasing doses of 50 to 100 joules increments. Failure to identify and treat the underlying cause first will result in patient decompensation. Key Points/Considerations Bradycardia is rate less than 60 bpm, but symptomatic is generally less than 50 bpm accompanied by chest pain, dyspnea, generalized weakness. Consider and possibly treat contributing factors including: Hypoxia, Hypovolemia, Hypothermia, Hyper-/Hypokalemia, Hydrogen Ion (Acidosis), Tension Pneumothorax, Cardiac Tamponade, Toxins, Thrombosis- Coronary and Pulmonary Hypotension is the result of bradycardia and bradycardia is not the result of hypotension. Maintain oxygen saturation greater than 94% Vital Signs every 5 minutes Elevate Head 30 degrees Remove clothing to patient undergarments, preserve dignity of the patient, cover with sheet. Survival and neurological outcome depend on management of hypoxia, hyper/hypocapnia, hypotension and fever. Therapeutic Hypothermia or Targeted Temperature management has not shown to be a benefit in the pre-hospital setting. Pay close attention to cardiac etiologies especially in diabetics and the elderly. Ectopic pregnancy should be considered as primary cause in women of childbearing years unless confidently ruled out. Zofran is contraindicated in patients with known allergies and patients with known history of prolonged Q-T syndrome. Verbal de-escalation tactics, attempt to reasonably resolve concerns Consider underlying medical causes and treat accordingly once safe to do so. If verbal de escalation tactics fail and patient is determined to be a danger to his or herself involve law enforcement. Key Points/Considerations Medical causes for combativeness may include but will not be limited to hypoxia, hypoglycemia and head injury.

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